We are based at HeartSong Dance Temple, Te Henga (Bethells Beach).

Just 35 minutes drive from Auckland CBD

and 5 minutes from the wild, untamed beauty of Te Henga.

This place is very special.

Te Henga draws its energy from the land and surrounding sea

and for centuries this spiritual place has attracted people from around the globe.

Ancient Maori believed that

Te Henga harnessed a deep spiritual connection

that transcends time.


At the heart of our land is the HeartSong Dance Temple.

Built lovingly by Joy Lake, who was involved in building The Matrimandir in Auroville India.

Matrimandir means ‘Mother Space’ and represents the Divine Feminine Principals of embodiment and manifestation.

Our HeartSong Dance Temple has strong links to the Matrimandir and feels sacred in much the same way.

It is built from non-toxic sustainable materials and is based on Sacred Geometry principals.

It is symbolically positioned in between three large Totara trees,

which represent self-empowerment, self-love and perfect self-expression. 


We believe in living sustainably and consider the environmental impact of us being on this land.

Our garden grows organically, We have compost toilets and our showers are solar powered.